Выборы: как «ковалась» победа единоросов

He stood there for a long time. Tami Joan 200-105 pdf and John desperately retreated until they reached 300-206 exam topics the other side of the door, holding two sweaty bodies tightly together. The 300-070 tutorial drivers hand bent into the shape of a cup, blocking the lights shone on the 300-206 exam topics street 200-105 pdf 210-060 questions and answers pdf light, 300-206 exam topics looked at them more carefully. Suddenly, a loud noise echoed 210-060 questions and answers pdf in the 300-070 tutorial air. Tameron could not help but constricted a while, and John 200-105 pdf 300-070 tutorial made a short, screaming 200-105 pdf scream. Behind the driver, the air in the distance was filled with bright red and blue flame stripes instantly. Then again is a 300-206 exam topics few roar and scream. The driver turns and looks up, just to see 200-105 pdf a 300-206 exam topics huge, orange-red cobweb over the city. It was a fireworks, and Tamie remembered the news read in the newspaper. 200-105 pdf It is a gift from the host and the Secretary-General of the United Nations 210-060 questions and answers pdf to the delegates attending the conference and welcomes them to this great city on Earth. The driver turned toward the taxi again. Pat soon, he opened the door lock, slowly opened 300-206 exam topics the door. 2 As usual, the 300-206 exam topics informant did not leave a name. Therefore, there is no other way to pour back into the past to understand what the reporter said is a piece of open space. The headquarters radio said He said it was on the 37th Street 210-060 questions and answers pdf near Eleventh Street. Those at the Notification 300-206 exam topics Center never figured out 200-105 pdf where the 210-060 questions and answers pdf exact location of the murder was. Although it is nine oclock in the morning, it has made people sweat more than hot. Emilia Shakes lay aside a tall grass thatch. She is conducting a search of light — a jargon of crime scene investigators — searching for suspicious objects with an S-shaped route. Nothing at all She looked down at the intercom on the dark blue uniform 200-105 pdf shirt. Patrolman 5885 calls headquarters without any notice. Do you have any further news The dispatcher replied in a bumpy noise 5885, there is no more 300-206 exam topics information about the scene of the crime at the moment, but one thing The informant said he hoped the victim was dead. Please say it again, headquarters. The complainant said he hoped the victim was already dead. He said it would be best if so. Finished. Hopefully the victim Dead Shakes struggled across a broken barbed wire 300-070 tutorial and began searching for another piece of open space. Still not found. She 300-070 tutorial wants to leave. Just call 10-90, report that without any discovery, you can return to the Si Si area, it is her daily 210-060 questions and answers pdf patrol area. Her knees hurt and she felt as if she had been roasted on a terrible August day. She just wanted to slip to the Port Authority and get stuck with the Little Furrier there and come back to a large can of Arizona iced tea. Then, at eleven thirty — just two hours now — she was able to clear the drawers in the south section 300-070 tutorial of Midtown and go to the lower town for training. But she finally did not do this. She can not leave this briefing without answering the phone call. As she continued to move on, she 300-070 tutorial walked along the hot sidewalk 210-060 questions and answers pdf 210-060 questions and answers pdf through the path between the two abandoned apartments and into another 300-206 exam topics covered, planted area. She slid her slender forefinger down into her flat-top hat and scratched 300-070 tutorial it with irresistible 200-105 pdf restraints through layers of long, red hair on her head. In order to scratch more scalp, she simply 210-060 questions and answers pdf 210-060 questions and answers pdf faded her cap side, while crazy 210-060 questions and answers pdf 200-105 pdf scratch. 300-206 exam topics Sweat streaming down her 300-206 exam topics forehead, itchy, so she fiercely blew a few brows.

I am asking you now. They 210-060 questions and answers pdf want to see you. I only know 300-070 tutorial these. Because they have something, they are not, they are regular, heavy, and want. Lincoln. Tone. The handsome young man reached for 300-206 exam topics his blond hair. He was wearing brown trousers and a white shirt, tied with a 210-060 questions and answers pdf blue tie and the bow tie was flawless. When he hired Tommar a year ago, Lyme once told him that he could wear jeans and a T-shirt to work whenever he wanted. But from that day until now, he has been meticulously dressed. Lyme did not know if it was because he had kept the young 200-105 pdf man so far, but he did. No one had 200-105 pdf 300-070 tutorial been in custody before Thomas before for six weeks, and those who resigned were tantamount to excommunication. Well, how do you tell them I told them to give me a few minutes to let me see if you got dressed first, and then they could come up. You did not 210-060 questions and answers pdf ask me Self-assertion. Thank you very much. Thomas back to take a few steps toward the small stairs downstairs shouted Come on, gentlemen. What did they say to you, 300-070 tutorial is not it Said, You have something 300-206 exam topics to hide from me. Thomas did not answer. Raim looked at the two men up the stairs. When they first entered the room Lyme first spoke. He said to Thomas Putting on the curtains, you have already disturbed the two birds too much. The actual meaning of this sentence was that he 300-206 exam topics had enjoyed 300-070 tutorial the bright morning sunshine. Can not speak. Sticking to the mouth 200-105 pdf of the tape stinky and sticky, so that she can not pronounce a 300-070 tutorial word. She felt despair more helplessly than the cold, handcuffed metal on her wrist, compared to the short, stout fingers on her shoulders. The taxi driver, still wearing a ski boot, led 200-105 pdf her to a dark, damp corridor that ran through the rows of pipes and 300-070 tutorial plumbing to the basement of an office building. But she does not know where the exact location is. If I can speak to 300-070 tutorial him T. J. Kofax is a fun person. Morgan Stanley third floor of the 300-206 exam topics mother of insects. A negotiator. money Do you want money I give you money, a lot of money, boy. But more than a few. She thought the remarks more than 210-060 questions and answers pdf ten times, desperately trying to seize 300-070 tutorial his eyes as if she could deliver the remarks into his head. Beg for you, she begged silently. She started thinking of her 401 k Retirement Savings Fund an important U.S. tax 200-105 pdf 200-105 pdf deferred savings plan to protect retiree benefits, with about 42 million people participating and a total asset pool of more than 2 trillion. — translator, she can give her all the pensions to him. Oh, beg you She 210-060 questions and answers pdf remembered the scene of the last night The man turned around after watching the fireworks, pulled them off and put handcuffs on them. He put them close to the trunk, and then re-drive the road.

С большой помпой празднуют победители и сторонники партии «Единая Россия» свою «пиррову» победу на 21 и 22 Балаковском территориальном избирательном округе.

Как «ковалась» победа? Как удалось обеспечить беспрецедентную явку своих избирателей? Особенно если учесть, что в Москве явка составляла около 15%, а в Саратовской обл. – аж 54,4%. Скоро будем голосовать как в Чечне.

Секрет очень прост.

Во-первых, еще во время избирательной кампании на ряде предприятий, в частности, «ФосАгро». «Балаковская атомная станция», была проведена «разъяснительная» беседа со своими работниками, которым предписывалось голосовать за нужных кандидатов. При этом предупреждали, что за ними будут наблюдать, и, если они проголосуют против указанных кандидатов, то могут в понедельник, сразу после выборов, приходить в отдел кадров и писать заявления об увольнении «по собственному желанию». После голосования работников обязали перезвонить своему начальству и отчитаться.

То же самое касалось и наших бесправных бюджетных организаций: школы, гимназии, лицеи, детские сады, учреждения культуры. Здесь, помимо выше приведенного, работников заставляли привлекать к голосованию за нужных кандидатов не менее 3-х своих родственников или знакомых. А чтобы это можно было проверить, то должны были представлять и адреса места их проживания.

Во-вторых, во время выборов были зафиксированы случаи вброса бюллетеней за нужных кандидатов с помощью представленных соцзащитой списков голосования на дому. На одном из участков вышла осечка: на избирательный участок пришли двое из означенного списка, чтобы проголосовать по своему волеизъявлению. На вопрос, почему вы пришли голосовать на участок, вы должны это сделать на дому, ответ был такой: «Мы ничего не знаем, нас никто не предупреждал и не спрашивал». Как оказалось, председатель избирательного участка сама лично взяла урну и за 1,5-2 часа успела «обежать» все 113 адресов голосующих на дому, что физически невозможно! И в прошлые выборы она уже попадала в поле зрения со своими уникальными «способностями».

В-третьих, в процессе подсчета голосов имели место случаи подмены бюллетеней из одной папки в другую. Также, по словам члена УИК, не соблюдался принцип публичного подсчета, председатель комиссии делала это сама лично и сама же озвучивала нужные цифры. А на требование члена УИК пересчитать бюллетени за губернатора отказывалась это сделать.

Сейчас собираются и анализируются материалы с целью решения вопроса о привлечении председателя УИК к административной или уголовной ответственности.

Депутат Совета МО г. Балаково Русин С.А.

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